getting stronger on Saturday

This week turned into an unplanned and not altogether welcome week of rest, but I was by no means inactive. Monday began with an extra rest day, Tuesday was an unplanned rest day, then I did a Wednesday AM workout. But on Wednesday afternoon I was dismayed when a virus laid me low (see my previous post); this illness managed to knock me out of action through Friday.

But I did get back into the gym on Saturday, from about 10:30 to 11:45 am. (I am blessed with an understanding family. That’s how I continue to manage to find time, here and there, to continue my training. Day by day. That is the only way! Where you find a window of opportunity, practice creative self-defenestration; this is lifestyle parkour).

Saturday’s Workout

Warm up 1000m row avg 500 split 1:53.1 1025 stroke rate 24-25. Mobility push ups (15) squat flexibility and reps (10) pull ups wide grip blue band (10) cross chops 25 lb kb (10xside)


10×45 / 5×135 / 1×185
6 x 4 x 190 @ 300s intervals. Volume 4,560 @ 95% of 5 rm. Compare to my recent review of my progress in the squat.

Pull ups

These were dead hang, done concurrently with the rounds of Back Squat.

7, 6, 3, 5 (reverse grip), 3 (reverse grip), 2. Total of 26, which is +3 from my most recent session.

I appear to be continuing to make progress in the pull-up. For instance, I saw in this workout my first set of 7 dead hangs in a LONG time. I am getting (much) closer to my goal of being able to do a set of 10. But of course, when I get that goal, I am going to be working towards the goal of being able to do MORE than 10. Hell yes.

Let me know what you think...