At 6:00 am on Wednesday I showed up for the WOD at CFA (“Camel Clutch”).

This was after 3 days of rest. Sunday was a normal rest day. Monday was a planned extra rest day, which I took in preparation for doing an OPT assessment on Tuesday with Shanna. But Tuesday became an unplanned rest day after Shanna had to cancel. I just rolled with it, and noticed how full of energy and enthusiasm I actually was on Tuesday. It was like I could feel my body healing all its little rips and tears. So I was happy about it.

But Wednesday morning something did not feel right. Sleep the night before had been interrupted by children, etc., and yet, I felt more queasy than unrested. During the strength portion of the WOD I was unusually dizzy after my lifts. I tied my PR in the clean and jerk, which at least felt respectable, and yet wasn’t feeling at all psyched about the upcoming partner WOD, even though all three movements (Kettlebell Swing, Box Jump, and Burpee) are just normal, standard things that, although they tend to require high intensity from the athlete, shouldn’t be too intimidating. While “resting” between rounds I was astonished at my shortness of breath, dizzyness, and clammy sweat. While pushing through the rounds I was surprised that my stomach felt full of slosh (usually, my morning 16 oz of water w/ BCAAs after 11 hours of fasting goes right through the stomach in about 15 minutes) and that I was constantly near to puking. I thought I was working hard but found myself going slower and slower. For this crappy performance I blamed myself: too much rest, not enough conditioning lately, yada yada yada. Turns out that was a stupid, blame the victim (me) mentality.

After the workout I felt like crap and had great difficulty recovering… at all. My stomach hurt. I had no enthusiasm for my customary post-workout coffee. I had a breakfast shake. But later my stomach hurt. I tried to eat breakfast but it tasted funny. I didn’t want the food.

I taught my first class, and then found I couldn’t work, or even goof off, during my free period before the second class. I just closed my eyes and tried to rest in my office. Then I barely made it through my second class, and into the location of my lunchtime meeting, before I realized that I was shivering, aching all over, and completely nauseated. The flu!

I canceled classes and went home, got in bed, and tried to rest. Later in the day, my wife got ill with the same thing. Everybody is telling us this is the Norovirus; whatever it is, it sucks.

Strength: Clean and Jerk

Result: 2 x 1 x 85 / 2 x 1 x 125 / 2 x 1 x 145 / 1 x 155 / 1 x 165 (PR tie)

WOD: Camel Clutch Partner Workout

15 minute amrap of 12 KB swings (53 lbs), 8 box jumps (24″ box), 4 burpees. One athlete rests while the other completes 1 round.

Result: I got 6 rounds (i.e 72 KB swings, 48 box jumps, 24 burpees).

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