saturday snatches

Saturday, Open Gym, 10:15 to 11:30 am. Feeling kinda beat up by the week, for some reason. Sleep has been shaky. I’ve also lost weight. Still, glad to be there.

Warm up: 1000m row: 1022m total; avg split: 155.9; average stroke/min: about 19; time: 3:57. Then, Mobility; push ups 15 ; pull ups c2b dead hang wide grip blue band 10

Snatch Progression

Neck press w/ clean grip 45×10; w/ snatch grip 45×10

Overhead Squat 45×10 plus deep squat holds on 1&10

Snatch balance: 5×45 / 5×65 / 5×85 (PR)

Snatch: 2×85, f on 3 / 3×85 stumble on 3 / 3x3x85 progressively better. Then 1×95 and 1×105 and ran out of time. Volume: 1,390.

Feeling ok about this. A good start to a long-term progression.

Let me know what you think...