new back squat 1 RM etc

Had a fun session at 6:00 am on Friday at CFA. Best part was the return of founding owner/coach and my friend Randy Kite! For sure. So great to get to hug him and see him in person again. Welcome back Sgt. Randy, we honor your service.

Warm up was normal, maybe a bit more abbreviated than usual.

Strength Test: Back Squat 1 RM

Result: 5 x 45 / 5 x 125 / 3 x 185 / 1 x 210 (PR) / 1 x 225 (PR) / f x 235 / 6 x 190. Volume: 2,980.

There was plenty of rest in this “test;” we lifted according to a predefined plan of percents, etc. See CFA website for details. I was proud of my new PR, even if my buddy Tom Rehm left me in the dust with his 305. The Iron doesn’t lie. I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been in my life.

I’m going to make this new 1 RM into a new 5 RM by the end of April. And I’m going to start moving towards that on Tuesday with a workout of 6 x 4 x 190 (volume of 4,560 @ 95% of 5 RM).

Rowing Test: Max Calories in 60s

I actually did two rounds of this, testing out the effect of stroke rate. I was able to get slightly more calories on the second round, at a higher stroke rate. I wonder how I could have done with an even higher rate, and only one attempt.

Result: #1: 29 calories @ 26 strokes/min; #2: 31 calories @ 32 strokes/min.

Good day.

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