skinny white boy cleans

Hopped up on the Jack3d I made my way to the 6:00 am CFA workout, where I was pleased to see Cleans (heavy sets of 2) in the hopper, plus a redux of “Black Box in the Dark,” which the affiliate did last September, but I skipped (I was recovering from the Half Marathon). For details on today’s WOD see the CFA webpage.


Quick footwork, etc., drills, followed by dislocates, mobility, and calisthenics.

Strength: Cleans (Heavy Sets of 2)

Still don’t have proper weightlifting shoes. Won’t have them until my finances stabilize, either. Which might be a few weeks, that’s for sure.

I worked with Brian Cohen and we moved fast. After movement specific warm-ups at 45#, we did a few quick sets. I did not PR in the 2-rep range, but, as it turned out, I did PR in the 1 rep range.

Result: 2 x 95 / 2 x 135 / 2 x 155 / 1 x 165 (PR) (fail on 2) / 2 x 155.

I didn’t have a clear plan and didn’t know what I was doing really. I barely made it out of the second rep on that last set of 2 x 155. The session really got me riled up and I behaved kind of badly. I cursed, threw the bar down a lot, and even kicked the garage door, which hurt my right foot and leg quite a bit (the old break site was aching all day). It was stupid to get upset, since a perusal of my past efforts in the clean (on this blog, aka squat clean) clearly show that I really haven’t done as much with this movement as I might think I have. So later, I felt bad and had to apologize for my bad attitude.

I need to Front Squat and do the full Clean more often! It’s coming! But not this week.

WOD: Black Box in the Dark

Box: 30″. 3 min AMRAP of 6 ring push ups and 9 box jumps (30″ box). 1 min rest, 3 rounds through. Total rounds: 9. Fun WOD.

Let me know what you think...