Clean Winds

Friday morning 6:00 am, doing just a wee bit better on the sleep front, I was there. Warmed up, got loose, did below the knee cleans 3×3 and (full) cleans 3×3 then Burpees and Power Cleans, 20/10-16/8-12/6-8/4-4/2 (total of 60 burpees and 30 power cleans).


Result: below the knee: 3 x 75 / 3 x 85 / 3 x 95; full clean: 3 x 115 / 4 x 125 (f on 5) / 3 x 135. I tried to book a new 5-rep PR in there, by doing 5 reps on the 125 set; unfortunately I didn’t make it! What I had forgotten was that I already got a 5 rep PR at 125 on 12/24. Maroon. I tied my previous 3-rep PR (from September).

WOD: “Winded”

Result: I used 110 lbs on the Power Cleans (70% of my 5 RM). Time: 9:23. Burpees felt slow but mostly solid.

Program Notes

Again, I would like to note here, as I did on Wednesday, that my training is feeling unfocused, my sleep pattern has been horrible, and my diet rules are all jumbled up and being constantly ignored. I need to refocus this program and soon. I haven’t felt this unfocused in these things in a long while.

Let me know what you think...