Wed: shoulders and dual amraps

Wednesday I made it to the 6:00 am class at CFA: Shoulder Press 5 x 8 and a dual amrap: 2 min amrap 5 deadlifts and 10 double unders, 1 min rest, 2 min amrap 5 ring dips 10 wall balls, 1 min rest, repeat for 3 rounds.

I got my first ever consecutive double unders in this WOD. Big PR day for me, there. Otherwise, kind of an undistinguished morning. Or rather, a morning distinguished by the fire in the belly focus on training I’d like to have. Too little sleep lately; and improper eating; immoderate “cheating” on my “diet”. I have to find a fresh reservoir of resolve! I need to re-focus my diet and get more concrete about my training. But I really haven’t got time to focus at the moment. So, I keep saying training is day by day. During the past few days, though, I have begun to think, maybe this Sunday would be a good time to adopt a fresh “plan” that I can hold myself accountable for.

Shoulder Press

This was all about the “tempo” (3s down, 1s rest down, 1s up, 0s rest up). Slowing down the eccentric phase of the rep results in a much different stimulus! Probably good for me. Results: 8 x 45 / 8 x 65 / 8 x 75 / 8 x 85 / 6 x 95 (f on 7)

WOD: Dual Amrap

I used the max Rx’d weight: 135 lbs. And a 20lb, small and non bouncy medicine ball. And my own jumprope. Averaged out I got a few reps more than 2 rounds per 2 min AMRAP, which meant that I ended up with nearly 7 rounds total for each couplet. Not sure of the exact total.

Let me know what you think...