The Mondays

CFA 6:00 am, only 5+ hours sleep, fasted of course. Hardly no caffeine (3 oz. iced coffee, maybe?), or Jack3d, etc., though.

Case of the Mondays for sure. Not really sure what all was eating me. Not feeling 100%; not even close.

Warm-up: jumprope, and ohs squat holds, plus calisthenics

Front-Squat 3011 tempo, 5 sets: 3×135 / 3×145 / 3×155 / 2×165 (f on 3!) / 2×155 (f on 3) — I felt so WEAK! Neurologically overloaded, I guess, from Saturday’s strength workout.

Partner Workout: worked with Rustan; 10-1 ladder of OHS w/ 85lbs (70% of 5rm) (Rustan used 95); partner does KB swings (53lb) while other works; total swings; one second off time per swing: total time: 13:31; 179 swings, so: 10:32. Rustan generally got at least 2x the number of KB swings as I did — again, WEAK! Same excuse, I suppose. I did do all the OHS in continuous sets of reps, no resting.

Shanna called me out (gently) on my attitude in an email (a day later). Gotta keep things in perspective. Lack of sleep, system in recovery; it’s not a straight line. It’s not going to be a straight line.

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