fight not bad

Friday morning I arrived at the gym, having totally inadequate sleep, in an exhausted state; I worked late the previous night; then was too wound up to fall asleep. I came in for the sake of discipline, to attempt to maintain a state of “training” when it is clear I am instead “pedagogue.” But when I saw the WOD was KB swings and Fight Gone Bad, I knew I was headed for trouble.

I warmed up, stretched, swung the KBs, and then skipped the WOD. A beat-down was not called for in my condition.

Results: Kettlebell Swings; I don’t think the weight numbers are quite right but this is what I remember: 24kg (53lb) x 20 ; 28kg (62lb) x 15; 32 kg (70lb) x 10; two 35lb KBs x 10.

I walked away after this but I did feel this workout the next day.

Let me know what you think...