10k Walk/Sprint and a Long Paddle to Little Mac’s

10k Sprint Workout

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Wednesday morning early I went out for a 10k distance walk/sprint session with my brother-in-law John Chun. It was good. John’s a natural athlete and had very little trouble keeping up with me. I had my VFFs on and that felt pretty good except, toward the end I developed a little blister on the ball of my right foot beneath the big toe, and I have pain in the joints, again, below the index and third toes of my left foot. I’ll have to ask Corey about those.

It was an out and back course, kinda funny shaped, about 90% of a circle run one way and then the other, 3.1 miles each way. We started clockwise and then finished clockwise. About 2 miles total are on Hwy 30. See the map at right:

Results: 10k (6.2 mile) total distance. 5 min walking recovery / 1 min sprints. Nearly 13 complete rounds (12:36 seconds of sprinting total). Total time: 1:17:36. (12:31 min/mile pace).

A Long Paddle

Late in the afternoon, in spite of a pretty strong E wind, I took out my SUP board and paddled around for a while.

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I started by going from Napili Bay northeast towards little Kapalua Bay. On the point between Napili Bay and Kapalua bay there are submerged rocks that create a perpetual mini-big-wave break. Surfers are out there regularly when the N/NE swell gets above about 2 feet. I don’t know what they call the place, but I would call it Shark’s Tooth. It looks deadly to me. I paddled safely around the outside of it on open water, and into Kapalua bay, and rested and watched the crazy waves for a while. Not for me.

I paddled back into open water, outside the point, and straight across the open water headed for the southwest end of Napili Bay.

Then, from there, I paddled past Honokeana Bay to the southwest point dividing it from the next bay down. There I found a cluster of local surfers, young men and old, floating in the surprisingly consistent and rolling swell, but with a short, 8 second or so period.

I waited and watched from a distance for a while. Then after a while I grew bolder and decided I might be able to catch a swell. I paddled for it, paddled harder, missed several, and then fell into the water in plain view of everybody. A young guy paddling out smiled with good humor; I said, “I have no idea what I am doing here.” He laughed and advised me on my foot placement. I asked him if the place had a name. Little Mac’s he said. What a cool spot.

After a short while, and after falling into the water like an idiot a bunch of times (I was tired by this point), I paddled back, against the wind. It was a hard hard slog!

I charted my path roughly on Google Earth and it looks like it was about 2 miles worth of paddling, total. Not a bad end to my day.

Brother in law John Chun caught a bit of me struggling against the wind and chop there at the end, as I came back to Naplili bay. In all my kookish glory. Don’t judge me. It’s just for fun!

You can’t tell this AT ALL from the videos, but I was fighting a strong headwind, and significant chop, which is why I am digging so hard and leaning so far forward with each stroke. Finally, I was facing some difficult waters and hard going, so I got down on my knees to finish out the ride. Not exactly elegant, but a great time and good exercise.

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