More SUP Surfing

Tuesday morning came, and with it a long morning drive to Kahului and a visit to Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport; that got me back in the game for Stand Up Paddle surfing. The guys at the shop had a good humor about my wreck, considering it was a truly nasty ding. Karl, who was helping me, did not make me feel like a kook. He didn’t have to. My first day out on the board and I smacked into some coral? Noob.

Cost me $175 to repair. I added the damage waiver to the remainder of my rental, which is now running to nearly the full cost of a new polyester or epoxy pop-out fun board. Next trip? Anyway… “Whatever you do, don’t hit the Island,” they advised. Indeed.

I got out for about 30 minutes in the late afternoon. Grey skies. 10 knot winds, rough surface, light swell. I paddled as much as I could. And fell a lot. The new board is 32″ wide and 10’1″ long. Very stable, but a different feel than the 11’1″ board I started on (and dinged up so badly). I didn’t ride any waves (none were there to be had).

It’s all good practice.

Let me know what you think...