more fun at the MAC

I spent another morning with my dad at the Multnomah Athletic Club today.

While I was warming up, I discovered, to my joy/embarrassment, that they do indeed have squat racks. They are tucked away in another corner of the huge fitness center room. I was super pleased and immediately changed my plans from working on clean and jerk to working on the straight up clean, and doing dynamic work sets in the squat.


Lunges, Inchworms, Karaoke high and low, butt kicks, bear crawl. Double under practice (about 3 minutes). Shoulder dislocates; hip mobility. Overhead Squats w/ 15 lb bar (10); pull-ups dead hang w/ red band (10); push-ups (10); GHD extensions (10).


New “paper” 5 RM today. Previous 5 RM was ridiculously low (105 lbs) due to a simple error in training, and due to the fact that I rarely work the full clean especially in the 5 rep range (this low PR has stood since September).

I did not worry about whether the new PR would really establish a “max” in terms of my current neuro-muscular capabilities (with a 3 rep front squat of 185, a 5 rep front squat of 165, a 1 rep max clean and jerk of 165, I ought to have a higher 5 rep clean number than I do even after today). Instead, working with the long view, I just wanted to push myself to somewhere I’ve never really been before.

Result: 5 x 45 / 5 x 65 / 3 x 88 / 1 x 110 / 5 x 125 (PR). Volume: 1,369.


I hadn’t really thought about where my 135 x 5 x 5 from Monday was taking me with my training. The volume of that workout (and the time-frame too) was similar to a 70% x 12 x 2 @ 60s. So doing a 60% x 12 x 2 or a 70% x 12 x 2 didn’t make much sense to me. Instead, I broke with Corey’s protocol and attempted to do a dynamic effort 80% x 12 x 2. The trick would be still to move that higher weight using the prescribed slow descent and fast press (x131) movements that distinguishes a dynamic effort session from a normal session. Anyway, I think it worked, so I think this bodes well for my next PR attempt in back squat.

Result: 155 lbs x 12 x 2 @ 60s. Volume: 3,720

Bench Press

I had a few minutes left in my hour, so I thought I would add some bench press in there. I decided to use a slightly higher rep range today than on Monday, which seemed reasonable since I had just discovered a tentative 1 RM.

Result: 3 x 135 / 3 x 145 / 3 x 150 (PR) / 5 x 140 (PR) / 5 x 135. Volume: 2,665.

These are more “paper” PRs, the result of never training the bench press. I think I’m going to bench more or less once a week this spring and see what I can do with it. Just for kicks and the sake of variety. (And yes, for further Yokeage, P.B.)


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