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Strength Day • December 22, 2010, at 11:55 pm

shoulders snatch etc.

Boy I am on vacation. Am I ever. I feel like whining and complaining about my inability to keep a clean diet or to keep with my normal eating and drinking and sleeping and workout habits and patterns. But I wont. See the post before last for some indication as to why. Anyway, I have been being bad, and I felt like poop this morning as a result. But I pushed through it and got in a decent workout, I guess.

Warm-Up: Double Unders and Push Ups

Warm up at the condo sprint drills bear crawls broad jumps etc in hall. More warm up at MAC: 5 x 1 min double unders and 10 push ups, rest @ 120s. Lunges, OHS, pull-ups w/ red band (all 10 reps). The double unders left me with a splitting headache. But on the bright side I got some number of reps with only two singles between doubles, and I got TWO consecutive double unders! My first consecutive double unders! I had a glimmer of hope that I might get these damn things soon.

Shoulder Press PR Attempt and Work Sets

I probably wasn’t ready for this, but … well I thought I was. I wanted to try for some PR attempt, and the only one safe to try, I thought, in this environment, was a shoulder press. Previous 5 rep PR was 115. So this attempt was for 120.

45 x 10 / 65 x 5 / 88 x 3 / 110 x 1 / 120 x 3, fail on 4 — no PR!

I was mighty disappointed to fail a 120 lb attempt — I’ve been stagnant since August. Admittedly… my shoulder was injured all fall and I definitely didn’t ever push it. I just let it heal, and it has healed. Which was great. And so I have no reason to think that I would be ready to push the PR numbers up.

Anyway… I didn’t feel like that was enough volume or stimulus in shoulder press today. So I added in some work sets at ~95% of my 5 RM.

Additional sets: 5 x 2 x 110 @ 120s.

Volume: 2,609


That’s right, “snatch.” Full squat but I don’t need to tell you that.

First: Boz warm up. Then

3 x 45

1 x 88

8 x 3 x 88 lbs (40 kg) @ 120s

Volume: 2,335

On “paper,” my current 5 RM (full squat) snatch is 70 lbs, so this is 125% of that, and my current 1 RM is 115, so this is 76% of that. All in all, I think this particular session was a very good stimulus for me. The movement started to feel really nice toward the end. Plenty challenging, but also solid. I need to snatch more often!

Split Squat

5 x each leg w/ 25 lb dumbbells.

For some reason (like using too much weight?) these hurt and I didn’t feel like doing additional sets. So I didn’t!


5 x 5 w/ red band dead hang c2b @ 60s

I’ve been slacking on my pull-up work since the week before the Carolina Fitness Challenge. But I need to get back on them. I reasoned that focusing on strict chest to bar form and knocking out some quick sets of 5 with the red band would be a good stimulus. We’ll see. But, I think so. In the near future, I plan to revisit this fast little routine a few times.

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