Back Squat 5 RM and Power Snatch / Knees to Elbows 21-15-9

Something about this morning’s workout drained the hell out of me. There was no thought in my mind of being able to do any additional volume. In fact, I felt shaky and weak all day for some fracking reason.

Warm-Up: the usual footwork type drills, then dislocates and mobility. Push-ups (20); pull-ups (10, blue band; I know, but I was feeling funny and weak even before the workout); overhead squats (10); sotts press w/ pvc (10); and side planks (about 60 seconds per side).

Strength: Back Squat 5 RM. Result: 45 x 10 / 95 x 5 / 135 x 3 / 180 x 1 / 190 x 5. Wicked hard. Those heavy weights left me light headed, dizzy, almost shaking. Volume: 2,460.

WOD: 21-15-9 of Power Snatch (limited to 95 lbs or 70% of 5 RM, i.e. 75 lbs — rounded down — for me) and Knees to Elbows. This WOD was a real challenge, not for the power snatches (the middle sets were most difficult) but for the combination of power snatch and k2es, which left the forearms completely spent, already by the middle round. Result: 7:20. Not the fastest, not the slowest; not the heaviest or lightest. I was happy enough. Especially with my last set of power snatches.

Finally, to finish off the WOD and counterbalance the stiff, spent weakness of my forearms, I did some handstands; which felt good. Getting there!

Let me know what you think...