Saturday afternoon brutal walk/sprint 5k

Plan HTFU in effect.

I put myself through one of the most brutal walk/sprint workouts yet this afternoon. It’s a cold day, sunny, but windy and temperatures in the thirties. I followed my usual Montford Crawl 5k route, and used a 3/2 walk/sprint protocol, 90 seconds of walking/recovery then 60 seconds of sprinting.

Result: 5k distance walk/sprint @ 90s/60s: nearly 12 rounds (12 walks, 11.25 sprints), total time: 29:15 (9:25.8 pace).

The cold burned my lungs, and my stomach and insides felt like junk. I guess I’m recovering from 4 nights and three days of bad behavior and WAY sub-par nutrition. Bad judgment. After every single one of those one minute sprints I felt like hurling; I was panting, almost stopping and doubling over as I entered the walking recovery. After about 8 of the sprints, I really didn’t feel like I had it in me to start up again after the 90 second recovery window. But I pushed it. This is about toughness as much as anything else. HTFU.

For the next two weeks I’m going to be VERY good (i.e. no alcohol, no sugar, no interrupting the daily fast, and no skimping on sleep). Why?

One week until the Jingle Bell 5k. I plan to PR. We’ll see.

Two weeks until the Carolina Fitness Challenge. I plan to NOT EMBARRASS MYSELF. We’ll see.

Let me know what you think...