post feast beatdown, aka Bronco

I managed to show up for the 7 am workout at CFA on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Strength was Kettlebell Swings, WOD was “Bronco”, 4 rounds of 2 two-minute amrap couplets, a “turn off your brain and rep it out” slug-fest with 16 minutes of work and 3 1/2 minutes of rest.

Warm-Up: 200 meter run, pose drills, mobility and dislocates. Pull-ups (dead hang, x3, x3, x4, x5), push-ups (20), knees to elbows (10), overhead squats (10), sotts press w/ pvc (10); sotts press w/ 20 lb bar: fail! wow that is hard.

Strength: Kettlebell Swings. Results. Both hands, Russian swing: 32 kgs (70.5 lbs) x 15 / x 10 / x 8 . Two KBs, Russian swing: 35 lbs (x2) x 5 / 45 lbs (x2) x 5 / 45 lbs (x2) x 5. Both hands, American swing: 32 kgs (70.5 lbs) x 10.

WOD: “Bronco.”

Complete 4 rounds of the following:
I. As many rounds as possible in 2 minutes of: 5 burpee dumbbell deadlifts / 10 box jumps
30 seconds rest
II. As many rounds as possible in 2 minutes of: 5 pull-ups / 10 squats
30 seconds rest
Begin each round where you left off on the previous set. At the end combine rounds of each couplet for total score. (Every 15 reps counts towards an additional round.)

Results: 24″ box & 35 lb dumbells & purple band assist on pull-ups; burpee deadlifts & box jumps: 7 rounds plus 12 (40 deadlifts and 77 box jumps). Pull-ups plus squats: 10 rounds plus 12 (55 pull-ups and 107 squats); total score: 18 + 9; or 279 reps.

The WOD sounds like nothing but a math scramble on paper but it left me DRENCHED with sweat.

The pull-ups went as well as could be expected. You’d think that the purple band doesn’t add much but I couldn’t have done this without them. Using the band I was able to go with unbroken sets of 5 (duh) until the very last two rounds of pull-ups.

Additional volume: later, I got one set of 6 dead hang pull-ups in. Right now I am just trying to hang on to my fragile progress in dead hang pull-ups, and I figure that one has to, at least, do one set per day of your current maximum reps, just to stay in the game. I did not, however, have any on Thanksgiving.

Let me know what you think...