I rested today. I feel good about it now. I felt spent after the WOD yesterday, and hours later noticed that my pull-ups were toast. My body needed a full-stop rest day, a break from physical stress. I’ll perform the better for it tomorrow.

I also cheated today. After eating paleo all day and through dinner, I made bad chemicals, glutens, sugar and EtOH my feast for dessert. Oops. Gotta love unhindered oxidative stress and inflammation. Tomorrow performance will suffer for it.

Break even?

Way to undo your recovery day, Matt.

(It’s also like a Friday night here, since we all got off on Thanksgiving break at close of school today.)

I’m going to work out tomorrow but I still need more rest. Looking forward to more rest/cheat behavior on Thursday, though hopefully with higher quality foods.

Let me know what you think...