OHS and Foolish Chief

Friday morning workout at CFA: Overhead Squats and “Foolish Chief,” a 20 minute beatdown involving on the minute sets of power cleans, push-ups and squats. Fun, but painful.


Agility. Mobility. Calisthenics: pull-ups (10, red band); push-ups (20); GHD sit-ups (10); squats (10); PVC sotts press (10).

Strength: Overhead Squats

I worked with Brian Cohen on this one. New 5 rep max effort.

Results: 5 x 45 / 5 x 70 / 3 x 90 / 1 x 110 / 5 x 120 (PR). These felt solid.

Volume: 1,555

WOD: “Foolish Chief”

This WOD requires TOO MANY air squats. I would SO rather do it with weighted front or back squats, and much fewer reps. My knees did NOT like the workout at all. I’ve been making progress against my jumper’s knee on the left patellar tendon; this didn’t help. Back in April I did a half-assed version of this (I was recovering from surgery!). This was my first time through “as Rx’d” (although my weight was not near the maximum Rx).

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes:
3 Power Cleans (Use ~80% of your 3RM not to exceed 155/105lbs)
6 Push-ups
12 Squats
If you are unable to complete the work within the minute take a full minute to rest. When you jump back in keep the power cleans the same (3 reps) and subtract one rep from the push-ups and two reps from the squats. Continue this pattern until the 20 minutes has expired. Post total squats completed to comments. Highest score possible = 240 squats.

I used 115 lbs (about 80% of my 5 RM, which is currently 145, on paper).

WOD Nov. 19th 2010 "Foolish Chief"

Legend: that’s 10 rounds at 12 squats, rest one round, 4 rounds at 10, plus only 4 squats on the 5th round, rest one round, then 3 rounds at 8. With 115#

Results: 188 squats, 97 push-ups, 54 x 115 power cleans.

Power Clean Volume: 6,210.

What a BEATDOWN. I was not feeling too great after this one. But I must admit that later, I felt happy to be able to do shit like this at all.

CrossFit rocks, even if the amount of volume we sometimes do is ridiculous.

Let me know what you think...