Friday’s Food and Drink

Pre-WOD: Creatine, Jack3d, BCAAs; Post-Wod: BCAAs, Creatine, L-Glutamine; L-Carnitine; Chromium; B; D3; Probiotics; Cal-Mag Citrate

Breakfast (at 8:45 after 14+ hours of fasting); 4 egg whites fried in non-stick pan; 2 eggs fried in 1 tsp. butter; 1 cup kale; 2 tsp. butter; 4 oz. plaintain; 4 oz. white sweet potato; 4 oz. ham 53.00 p 20.50 f 67.50 c

Lunch (at 1:00 pm) from school cafeteria (take out): large portion (6+ oz) of fatty beef brisket; 1/4 cup of cole slaw; 1/2 cup of jerusalem salad of tomatoes, cukes, onions, etc.; 2 slices tomato; some boiled carrots; mixed veggie salad 1/2 cup; 4 oz baked french fries 40.00 p 32.00 f 48.00 c

Post-Work: 1 shot of vodka 14.00 alc

Dinner (at about 5:30 pm): 6 oz. salmon w/ garlic; 6 oz. mashed potatoes; 3/4 cup broccoli; 1 gin martini (6 oz) 42.00 p 32.00 f 49.50 c 35.00 alc

At home (dessert, about 6:30 pm): 1 piece of pumpkin custard pie; 1 scoop protein; 3/4 cup hemp milk; 1/4 cup chocolate milk; 6 oz. wine 23.00 p 16.00 f 40.40 c 21.00 a

End of Day Total 158.00g pro (22%; 23 blocks) 100.50g fat (32%; 34 blocks) 205.40g cho (29%; 23 blocks) 70.00g alc (17%)

2848 calories

I wasn’t able to weigh and measure either lunch or dinner today; and I wasn’t able to moderate my choices very well while dining out. I drank alcohol before during and after dinner, and this kind of messed up my calorie total (about 400 calories from alcohol alone), as well as my judgment, leading me to eat a whole piece of my NOT gluten free pumpkin custard pie and consume sugar with my evening shake.

Yet, at the end of the day my protein and carb totals were about right (how did I do that? I am suspicious of my counting, since many of the quantities here are estimates) and I was only about 10 blocks over on the fat. And at 2800+ calories I probably ended up about even for the day. We had a hard workout in the morning and experience teaches me that I’m very likely to burn 3100+ calories per day. So, while the food choices were not ideal, the results were not disastrous.

One of the benefits of keeping a food journal is that the journal is unbiased. It does not judge your decisions, it simply records them. You may be thinking to yourself, as I was after Friday’s food and drink: “I’ve had a terrible food day; it’s been a failure; I missed all my targets and I cheated against my own rules.” The journal (at least, the way I keep it) helps me analyze those choices in a more quantitative way, leading me to a new qualitative assessment of the food day. Snatching relief from the jaws of anxiety.

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