Mile Run, Back Squat, Screwing Around

Early AM loaded up and went outside into the cold. I briefly limbered up (pose drills, bear crawl, lunges) and then set out on my 1.1 mile run. The familiar route gets shorter and shorter!

Result: 7:19.45 (6:39.48 min/mile pace).

Pretty awesome. I intended to do 80-85% RPE, and ended up with a time only 4 seconds off of my PR. What does that tell you?

Then I headed out to CFA and the Stay Active Clinic to see Corey.

There I did back squats.

Back Squat, Dynamic Effort 12 x 2.

Result: 12 x 2 x 115 lbs (63.8% of 5 RM) @ 30s intervals. Volume: 2,760. These felt pretty awesome.

Then I messed around. Did push ups (20); dead hang pull-ups (5); incline push-ups (10); practiced handstand push-ups (getting there!) and free standing handstands (elusive!). Then had manual therapy with Corey. That seems to be going well.

Let me know what you think...