Weighed in today, first time in two weeks. Obviously, the additional carbs in my diet, combined with seriously out of control cheating sessions every weekend for the past three weekends, has resulted in some unintended weight gain. I am about 5 pounds above where I want to be, although most of the gains would appear to be lean mass.

Body Measurements
Weight Observed

Suprailliac Skinfold

Body Fat %

Fat Mass

Lean Mass
188.0 lbs

6 mm +


21.6 lbs

166.4 lbs

I should not worry… continuing evidence of progress in the gym and on the street means that I am getting stronger and faster not fatter. Still, I am going to batten down the dietary hatches for the next 4 weeks, and get my weight down below 185 again, where it belongs.

I think it is fascinating that I weighed in at 8.5 lbs more than 3 weeks ago, and that my calipers suggest that the weight is mostly lean. That’s a pretty rapid gain of five pounds of muscle! If that’s what it is.

Cautiously optimistic, I’ll not be upset about these numbers. I’ll simply make sure that I remain as focused as I can.

I’m in training here, for the Carolina Fitness Challenge. 27 days to go. I’d like to be right around 182-183 lbs for the competition, but I would not want to sacrifice even an ounce of lean mass in getting down those 5-6 pounds.

I am going to take the following steps. You read it here first.

  1. Eliminate Cheating. No excuses. (Except for Thanksgiving, folks!) That means: no more sugar! At all. That includes chocolate. No more gluten (beer included). And no more marginal foods (e.g. corn and beans).

  2. Fast 14 hours daily. Returning here to my strict practice of recent weeks. This includes Fridays and Saturdays.
  3. I am going to try one whole week of strict “Zone” dieting, Nov. 15 to 21. That’s super strict “Zone” dieting, BTW, with only 1x fat. The goal is to see how much weight strips off when I reduce calories to classic Zone Rx. I am using 24 blocks as my Rx (that’s 1g protein per lb of lean mass). So, 168g protein per day, 72g of fat, 240g of carbs. This will be consumed in 4-5 meals, but consumed between 8 am and 6 pm. The meals will have to be pretty big, 5-6 block affairs. I will BLOG my food daily to keep this pledge. It’ll be an interesting test of my capacity to limit myself. I will use fruit and starches to reach the carb totals. I am not worried about not being in ketosis because I’m fasting daily and working my tail off in the gym.
  4. After Nov. 21st, one big cheat on Thanksgiving. But otherwise, return to my normal ketogenic, cyclic low carb, 95% paleo, ad libitum diet.
  5. STRICT “never on a school night” living here, except for Thanksgiving day (which is not a school night, BTW). But also! Another rule! No alcohol on the weekend of Dec. 3-4 or on Friday, Dec. 10th. That’ll be tough but my body will thank me come Dec. 11th. (It will also thank me at the Jingle Bell 5k on Dec. 4th).

Let me know what you think...