check in: plan HTFU and body measures

I took Friday off from the WOD, and skipped my 5k sprint work and the WOD on Saturday. I’m damn glad I did. By Thursday morning this past week I was so wrecked from lack of sleep and general central nervous system overload (caused by excessive working out but also by stress from family and work) that I couldn’t help but acknowledge that I really needed more rest. So I took it.

Now, here at the end of the weekend, on Sunday night, after three days without working out, I feel ready to get back to training hard starting tomorrow morning. It’s amazing what a couple of days off can do to fire me up these days.

So, “Plan HTFU” is still in full effect. Taking extra rest days as needed DOES NOT CANCEL the plan. For this upcoming week the training schedule is as follows:

Mon: CFA Strength & WOD + Additional Push-Ups and Pull-Ups; Tue: 5k walk/sprint workout & deadlifts or other strength set at CFA; Wed: CFA Strength & WOD + Additional Push & Pull; Thu: 1 mile run, Back Squat, and Manual Therapy; Fri: CFA Strength & WOD; Sat: Haywood Heroes 5k in Canton, NC.

Just looking at the plan I know I’m going to be wrecked by Saturday AM, but I’ll take an additional rest day or two (e.g. Tue and Fri) the following week.

This Week’s Body Measurements
Weight Observed

Suprailliac Skinfold

Body Fat %

Fat Mass

Lean Mass

4-6 mm


21 lbs


Depending on your point of view on these things, I managed to maintain weight, or gain weight, this week, weighing in three pounds heavier than last, but at the same BF % as measured by this skinfold technique, which is new to me. At some point I’ll discuss and possibly post pictures illustrating it on myself. Actually the skinfold measure for this week was less than last week (more like 5 mm) but my instrument has marks only at 2, 4 and 6 mm, so, unless I clearly get down to 4mm I will just round it up to 6.

I view this mild weight gain from last week as weight maintenance because I have the long view, and 182.5 is about even with the long term average I am working on. (See my weight chart for details.) I had to eat myself almost sick to get this result, and I had one ridiculously out of control episode of cheating during the week, on Friday night.

What happened on the cheat was this. From Thursday to Friday, I did my usual 14 hour fast, and then started the day with a big breakfast. But then, probably because I skipped the workout on Friday morning, I simply forgot to eat my lunch. That’s kind of an unusual thing for me. I was busy and had meetings straight through the day, but even so, normally I’m so hungry that I would never miss the mid-day meal. But Friday I did. Then, after work, at about 5:30 pm I met up with Yael and the kids at a family friendly Italian place near our home, Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian, on Merrimon. I was ravenous; it had been 8 hours since my last meal. I chose the location, because they have unusually paleo-friendly grill menu items (e.g. grilled chicken breasts w/ spinach and broccoli for sides). Initially, I had no intention to cheat (other than my usual self-indulgence of some booze on a weekend night). But… I had two martinis and ordered the steak with goronzola (so what? a dairy cheat, no big deal right? after all, it was Friday and I was drinking, so why not allow some cheese?). So when we got home I was buzzed and mentally out of the paleo groove and definitely not in my best judgment.

On the stove-top, still sitting on the sheets, there were some crappy home baked Chocolate chip cookies made from industrial processed pre-made cookie dough (a neighborhood kid sold it to my wife as a fundraiser). My wife and daughter had made them during the day. For some reason they were calling out to me. I wanted more calories, and badly. And my normal feeding window was closing fast (it was 7:00 pm, and I intended to be done ingesting calories from food by 7:30 pm). So, anyway, I broke down. I quickly ate several cookies… I am not sure why. But that opened the floodgates. I started raiding the kitchen for sugar and excess calories. I found some Nutella spread and put that between two halves of one cookie; that tasted a lot better than the crappy cookies did on their own. Then I raided some remains of a dark chocolate my wife had left uneaten for weeks; then consumed another fundraising item, a milk chocolate with almonds bar. I topped it all off with a protein shake made with strawberries, honey, whey and coconut milk (in case I didn’t have enough calories?).

Of course, I felt like shit the next day. Partly, this was a sense of guilt… this was a second big cheating episode in as many weekends! But, as my weigh in today showed, I’m none the worse for wear in terms of overall body composition goals. I guess that’s because I continue to follow my 12-14 hour daily fast (in fact, from Saturday to Sunday I did 16 hours, 6:00 pm to 10:00 am) and to emphasize food quality, staying gluten, sugar, and dairy free (except for whey protein) all the time … except when I cheat!

Let me know what you think...