Run and Squat

Active Rest / Plan HTFU / Manual Therapy

1.1 mile run in 8:14.56 (7:29.58 pace).

Back Squat. Supposed to run it at 70% (125). But I accidentally grabbed 25 lb plates instead of 35 lb plates. So I used only 105, which is 58%, and 5 lbs less than last week! Oh well. Set back.

Result: 12 x 2 @ 30s w/ 105#.

Then manual therapy with Corey.

This is an active rest day and I have no plans to do any additional volume for Plan HTFU today.

Before bed, I will do two of Starret’s mobility WODs. I’ll update this entry with them later.

Stress and Rest

I was so exhausted yesterday I went to bed last night before 8:30 and read in bed (although, as usual, my falling asleep was protracted, my sleep was broken and disrupted, and not all that restful).

I understand (or rather, believe) that the problems I’ve been having with getting restful sleep have a lot to do with overall stress load in my life. Because of bad work habits, poor planning and weak time management skills, I have inflicted upon myself much of what counts as stressful in my life (huge stacks of ungraded papers, lists of undone tasks, looming deadlines, files and records not properly kept, and giant piles of unsorted, disorganized junk). But I also find stressful many of the things that are beyond my control (namely the demands of students, colleagues, bureaucratic work associated with my job, home and yard maintenance, and household chores and duties — not to mention child-care responsibilities).

Today I am going to do some things to address a few of these areas of stress. I have a babysitter for four hours and can at least do some of the grading. In the afternoon I might get some more things done too. We will see whether that contributes to a slightly better sleep experience tonight.

Going forward from today, I think a reasonable plan of attack would be to find a way to get out from under as many of these stressors as possible by Monday. So that is my operative mode for the next four days.

Let me know what you think...