Deadlift and Dead Tired

Got decent sleep last night (thank you, Ambien… Once in a while it helps) and got up early to work out as usual.

Warm-Up. A member at CFA had a serious accident during her WOD (stitches and concussion!) leading to some confusion and slow down in the warm up for the six AM class. (We hope you are feeling better Jess!) Still we did do some warm up and I managed to get my pull-ups and push-ups, squats and ab hollows in.

Strength: Deadlift. 70% 12 x 2 @ 30s intervals. Fun. Weight: 205 lbs. Volume: 4,920.

WOD: 400 meter run, then 20-16-12-8-4 of push press and push-ups, then 400 meter run; weight: 75 lbs (about 50% of my 5 ; 75% was Rx’d but … My shoulder!). Time: 15 min exactly.

The WOD was freaking exhausting. I worked hard to stay in motion even with reduced weights. I knew shortly after I was done that Plan HTFU was NOT gonna proceed today. Instead, I walked around like a Zombie and ate like a one man army. Now it’s just after eight PM and I am going to read in bed. I am dead tired. Too tired for self-care, mobility work, additional pull ups or push ups. No nothing! Bed time. Hoping tonights sleep will be recovery enough for tomorrow.

Let me know what you think...