Back Squat Rehab

Plan HTFU, Part I

Additional #1: Pre-Lifting One Mile Run at 70% RPE.

Actual route: 1.1 miles.


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Result: 9:03 (Pace: 8:13.2 mile)

Warm-Up w/ CFA

The usual stuff.

Manual Therapy with Corey

Corey’s RX: basic strength progression for training new 5 RM, round I: 60% 2×12@30s.

I used 110 lbs. 2 reps x 110 lbs x 12 rounds @ 30s intervals

Plan HTFU, Part II

Foam Rolling, Mobility WODs, Ice, IT and Hamstring Stretching (will be updated later…)

Notes on Sleep and Diet

Sleep: last night once again I had trouble falling asleep, even though I went super light on the coffee during the day and went to bed early (before 10 pm). I tossed and turned; to make matters worse, J.Z. woke up screaming multiple times during the night. Then I got up at 4:45 am, with only about 4 hours of consistent sleep. Tonight: no TV or computer after kids go to bed; low light; reading on the couch until I’m really sleepy, bed before 9:30 pm, then up tomorrow at 5:20.

Diet: remaining on track.

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