South Road 5k walk/sprint, Redux

On family holiday in RI, I don’t have a chance to follow a normal training program. But, I figured I could get in an additional sprinting session. So I followed up Saturday’s walk/sprint 5k with another round, but with a different interval protocol. I also did a few sets of push-ups and a proper warm up.

Warm-up: basic footwork and pose drills, shoulder mobility, Sampson stretching, hip mobility, push-ups, and squats.

Walk/sprint: 5k distance. Protocol: 4 min walk, 2 min sprint (6 min intervals); time: 34:54 (sprints at 4, 10, 16, 22, 28, and 34; last sprint cut short obviously).

This is not terrible, almost one minute faster than Saturday. And not too painful, although there was some calf/shin/knee discomfort on the right lower leg.

Push-ups: I did 5 sets x 10 reps of push ups, at various times during the morning, including during my warm up.

Training plan update: For the next six weeks I am going to be deliberately pushing up (pun intended) the volume on my push-ups and (band assisted dead hang chest to bar) pull-ups, and also adding 2 easy one mile runs per week (tue and thu AM), just to add extra stress/stimulus in advance of the Carolina Fitness Challenge. These simple exercises will not overload my system (especially if I watch my diet and sleep and life stress) but they will, I think, help prep joints and muscles for the rigors of CrossFit competition in Dec; I believe they are also consistent with my other training goals (strength, speed, endurance, and body composition).



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