South Road 5k Walk/Sprint

Saturday AM, in a fasted state (13 hours or so) I set off on a 5k out and back route from my mother in law’s house near the campus of the University of Rhode Island. I’ll post the route later.

Run protocol: 6 min walk, 3 min all out sprint (9 min intervals). It was brutal. My right knee started acting up immediately after my third sprint (at 27 minutes in). The pain was excruciating! Exactly the same pain as I had during the Half Marathon. I did not finish the workout as planned. I jogged a bit during the 4th interval (probably 2 min) and didn’t do the last sprint.

Results: 35:42, 3 sprints (at 6, 15, and 24 minutes).

The point of doing 3 minute sprints, at a pace that leaves my lungs burning and my body shaking, is to simulate the effort required in an all out 800 meter run.

The pain in my knee makes me question my training plans. I have some new ideas about how to increase my capacity. But now that I’ve decided to do the Carolina Fitness Challenge (Dec. 11th) I’ve got a new source of motivation. I’m typing this on my phone. When I have acces to my computer and the Internet again I’ll probably sketch out my new training plan in full. More later.



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