5k sprint work

Slept in past the Saturday WOD today but still did my endurance work: 5k distance, intervals of 90 second walking, 30 seconds sprinting, 16 rounds and 23 seconds of walking, total time 32:23.

This is a large improvement over last week’s time and remarkably, put my efforts at just over 10 min miles in spite of the fact that 3/4 of the time I was walking!

30 seconds is an awesome time frame for high intensity sprinting. The 90 second recovery intervals were just enough, although they seemed to keep becoming shorter and shorter.

I look forward to reducing the ratio of recovery to sprinting next week and to work on some longer sprinting intervals over the next few weeks. But I’ll definitely do the 30 second duration sprints again soon.

Mechanically, now 3 weeks out from the Half Marathon, I seem to be about 90% recovered. Stoked about that. Up and up! Get faster.

Let me know what you think...