OHS and “Police Truck”

Today, at the 6:00 am CFA workout: Overhead Squat new 5 rep PR (110#) and 4 rounds of 10 overhead box step ups (20″/45# plate) and 20 double unders in just over 8 minutes. (Yes I did double unders, and about 3 single unders per double under rep.)


Leaping and bounding, dislocates, mobility, kip swings (10), push-ups (12), front squats (10), cross-chops (25#, 10 per side); Boz overhead squat warm-up.

Strength: Overhead Squat

45 x 5 / 65 x 5 / 75 x 5 / 95 x 3 / 105 x 1 / 110 x 5 (PR) / 100 x 5

Volume: 2,365.

WOD: Police Truck

8 min. AMRAP: 10 overhead box squats, 20 double unders

Result: 4 rounds

I decided to do double unders, use a shorter, 20″ box, and go Rx’d on the weight. It was good. I went over by about 15 seconds to get my last double unders in round 4. That just felt right. I was slow and deliberate in the overhead box step ups… really feeling soreness in my shoulders and traps (in a good way)… residual pain from Saturday’s workout… while also making sure my form was exact on the step-ups. I had to take triple single unders (and sometimes more) between each double under but I did get a chance to work on the skill while working up a serious sweat.

Training Cycle Notes

This is technically week VII and by rights should be a rest week. However, I am feeling strong and motivated, and I took an effective break from WODs during my week V (the week of the Half Marathon) and went slightly lighter during the first half of Week VI. So I am exercising my right to revise my training plan. This is hereby declared to be a Week II, and I am also, hereby, deciding to go with a 5 week training cycle, with the fifth week being a “light” week (1 WOD and 2 strength sessions).

Nutrition Plan Notes

After the expiration of my “100% paleo” 30 day period, I still remain close to canonical Paleo — no sugar, no dairy, no wheat/gluten/grains, no legumes, no industrially processed seed oils, very few processed foods. But I have gone back to charting my own path: alcohol is ok (Fridays and Saturdays only), whey protein is ok (post workout), hemp and almond milk are ok (to mix with whey protein), etc. I choosing my own level of compliance based on my desire to experiment and play. I have also added supplements besides fish oil (vitamin D, and calcium/magnesium citrate, as well as probiotics).

I am also experimenting with two other performance supplements. I am fascinated by the approach of Martin Berkhan and so I am conforming some of my diet and training to his principles. I don’t follow a full 16 hour intermittent fasting protocol, but for the past month I have consistently attempted to get at least 12 hours of fasting per day (8:00 pm to 8:00 am). Now I am beginning to push that fast to 13 hours (7:00 pm to 8:00 am). I will continue to train in a fasted state, something that Berkhan really recommends; but whereas, when I was on 100% paleo I really did not consume anything before training, now I am taking Berkhan’s advice and taking a Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement (about 10g worth of BCAAs) before the WOD; and I am trying out a thermogenic energy booster pre-workout too.

I gotta say after one day that I DO NOT LIKE the artificial sweeteners in these products. The whey protein I use has no additives (at all) including no colors, no flavors, and no sweeteners. Mixed with water, it basically tastes like powdered milk. But the “Purple Wraath” brand purple lemonade flavor BCAA powder and the lemon-lime flavor “Jack3d” thermogenic are both too sweet and leave an aftertaste in my mouth for hours. I do not consume sugar, so these artificially sweetened products taste REALLY sweet to me. I am going to look into unflavored or unsweetened BCAA. But like I said this is an experiment and I am going to give it about 30 days and then evaluate how I am looking, feeling and performing.

That being said I felt pretty terrific during the WOD so, there’s that to consider.


  1. Phil “Yoke” Bost
    September 27, 2010 - 9:52 pm

    Take it in past your tongue and chase it down quick. No need to experience all of those additives up front.

  2. Yoke I will give it a shot. So to speak.

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