Fat Weekend

Belated weigh-in numbers. They weren’t so hot. This is one week after the Half Marathon, a week of less working out, and the reintroduction of alcohol to my diet.

Weight Measurements Sep. 25-27 2010
Weight Observed Body Fat % Implied Fat Mass Implied Lean Mass Comment
179 lbs 14% 25 lbs 154 lbs Saturday weight; Not a likely result.
184.5 lbs 15% 28 lbs 156.5 lbs Sunday night. Highest amount of lean measured.
183.5 lbs 15% 27.5 lbs 156 lbs Monday AM

Saturday afternoon I was lighter by far (and likely more dehydrated) than I had been the previous week. But after 24 hours of gorging myself on meat and potatoes over Saturday night and all day Sunday, along with the alcohol of Friday and Saturday, it looks like I might indeed have gained a pound or more of fat.

The official weigh-in for the week will be the numbers turned out on Sunday night, when I weighted my bloated, meat-stuffed body before bed.

These numbers are not reliable in any sense, and I think the data point will prove to be an outlier in weeks to come. The reason to choose the number is that it has the highest lean mass associated with it, 1/2 pound more than last week’s weigh in actually. However realistic that may be, I seriously doubt that I gained two pounds of fat over the course of the week. Indeed my observed weight dropped dramatically over the next couple of days.

The Saturday weigh in number has some claim to my attention too; but it suggests a loss of 2.5 lbs of lean and .5 lbs of fat over the week. I could see having lost that much fat, but not that much lean.

The trouble is that I haven’t seen that 14% number since Saturday.

Only time will tell where this is going.

Let me know what you think...