C2B suck fest

I was 5 minutes late to the 6:00 class this morning, and my attitude was hovering just above 80% positive. What was wrong? Hard to say. Later, I think I figured it out: I got at least one hour less sleep last night than the night before. Touchy touchy.

Warm up

400 meter run dislocates mobility GHD extensions ohs push ups

That run kinda hurt.

Skill: Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Oof. My pull ups are flagging. Time for some more work with volume and bands at home.

Sets of: 4, 3, 2, 5 (reverse grip), purple band 2, red band 5. Chest was definitely not always “to bar” in a strict sense. Problem!

WOD: Cleaning House

20 power cleans (rxd at 80% of 5RM; I used 70%, ie 95 lbs)
400 meter run
20 C2B pull ups
For time.

Because I was only at 70%, I flew through the power cleans in one continuous set, and as a consequence got out the door before everybody else and finished the run first. That was fun. The rest was mediocre. Especially my pull ups, where I was struggling to put two reps together and got taken by everybody else. At least the run was less painful in the WOD than it was the warm-up run. In due time I will recover from the damn Half Marathon.

Time: 5:38.


  1. Whenever there’s a run component, I must race it even if it means I finish last in the long run. Stupid ego.

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