KBs and BSs

Kettlebell Swings and Back Squats today in a strength only session. No more WODs this week for me; I’m tapering before the Half Marathon on Saturday.

Kettlebell Swings

35 x 10 x 3 @ 45s / 72 x 7 x 3 @ 60s / 53 x 30 x 2 @ 120s.

I.E. I warmed up with three sets of 10 with the 35, hit three sets of 7 with the 72, the “silver bullet” which was awesome, and then did two endurance sets of 30 with the 53. Good times. Thanks, Shanna, for the innovative programming!

Back Squat Work Sets

70% of 5 RM (175 lbs). I.E. 125 x 2 x 12 @ 60s

24 total reps of back squat, with 125 lbs, dynamic effort; twelve sets of 2 at the top of the minute for about eleven minutes. Volume of 3,000 lbs.


  1. Never tried to toss up our 72 pounder, which is yellow.
    One of my favorite not-actually-that-funny jokes is when we’re using light kettlebells to warm up shoulders, I’ll ask one of the new people to “hand me the yellow one.” They start to because they’re nice, but then they catch on.

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