Hands Hands Feet

Briefly: today’s skill work was handstands (mine seem to be getting better) followed by a curious, hard to describe WOD (see the description on the CFA webpage) combining box jumps and thrusters in a slow ascending and quick descending ladder.

On the WOD I used a 20″ box, 85 lbs on the bar (~70% of 5 RM thruster), completed 5 rounds + 14 reps in the first 6 minutes, rested the 7th minute, and then finished out the WOD by 11:17 (i.e. another 4:17 going down the ladder). Total Box Jumps: 72; total Thrusters: 32.


  1. Phil “Yoke” Bost
    September 3, 2010 - 9:20 pm

    Seems tough, logistically.

  2. Not as difficult to manage as it seems at first. Thrusters and box-jumps are some of my slowest movements, though. Best score on ascending ladder at our affiliate was 8 rounds plus 25 reps, Rx’d! He then finished last… but of course!

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