D.T. again

Today at CFA: definitive proof that I’m getting stronger and faster. The WOD, called “D.T.” is a hero workout honoring slain soldier Timothy P. Davis (RIP D.T.)

I’ve done the workout at CFA twice before, in April and in August 2009. According to my records, CFA last did D.T. exactly one year ago today.

Last year I found the WOD so challenging that I renamed it “Delirium Tremens;” back in Aug. 2009 it was a Friday morning and I was a bit hungover. Those days are gone now. Today I was training in a hydrated, caffeinated and fasted state, with no hangover (though I did have a couple of drinks last night) and plenty of decent sleep.

In Apr. 2009 I used 95 lbs and it took me 12:38. In Aug. 2009 I used 105 lbs and it took me a ridiculous 16:45.

Today: 110 lbs, 10:47.

Something’s working. VERY WELL.

A note on the weights: originally, this WOD was Rx’d at 155 lbs, which is super heavy. Our coaches have now set the Rx at 80% of Push Press 5 RM, which seems quite reasonable.


  1. Phil “Yoke” Bost
    August 21, 2010 - 11:34 am

    Very nice improvement!

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