my lucky day

Friday the 13th was my lucky day as I found myself up at 5:25 am, sleep deprived of course (not that I didn’t give myself every advantage, i.e. no alcohol, limited caffeine, 8+ hours in bed), and back at CrossFit Asheville! The WOD today was “Freaky Friday” with push-press as the strength work and a 13 minute WOD of ring push-ups, one arm DB snatches, and jumpropes.

I went in on an empty stomach with no caffeine and did very fine, thank you! Fasted training is the bomb.


Agility ladder. Dislocates. Hip mobility. Push ups (10). Front squats (10). Knees to elbows (10). Pull-ups (kipping; 10). I also did burpees (10, fast).

Push-Press 5 RM (5/3/1 @ 50%, 75%, 95%, +10).

Yes there were some math errors!


5 x 65 / 3 x 115 / 1 x 125 / 5 x 140 (PR)

This barely worked for me. But it worked. A new PR, not so much the result of this approach to reaching it, but to the extensive shoulder work I’ve done over the past few weeks.

“Freaky Friday”

13 min AMRAP of: 7 ring push-ups, 13 one arm db snatches (per arm), 33 double unders (99 single unders)

Results: I went over by about 5 seconds, but, my results were” 5 rounds exactly with 30 lb DB, and single unders

Fracking Awesome

Fracking awesome to be back with my homies and among my coaches. Thank you Daniel, Shanna, Corey, and all my six am and five am and other CFA peeps… you know who you are you rock the house.

Post-WOD Breakfast

Post WOD I had a 3 egg omellette, with spinach, clarified butter, coconut oil; a banana; and lots of kale. And coffee with cream.

Mostly-Paleo, Fully-Bad-Ass

So I’m not 100% paleo at the moment, but you gotta admit, that’s pretty primal.

Still, in preparation for my new training cycle (begins on Sunday, Aug. 15th) and my 30 day fascist-strict Paleo period (begins on Sunday, Aug. 22nd), I’ve been eating at near 99% paleo, keeping up with most of the rules I set out for myself in a recent post. Tonight was definitely an exception, as the crew turned out at Asheville Pizza and Brew, on Coxe. Several beers, and several tequilas were consumed. I’m not naming names. Some people even ate Pizza. I’m feeling strong.

Let me know what you think...