phase two

Been too busy to write down sessions and such but I lifted today and it seemed like I should make a record. Since I last lifted (last Sunday) I have been on five good surfing sessions (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat) and on Thursday I did an approximately 5 mile run / 500 foot climb (in ~48:00). I will put up backdated posts to these in an hour or two. But I hadn’t moved anything very heavy in almost a week. So today had to happen.

5/3/1 Cycle II Phase ii A

Warm Up:Jog 1/3 mile; shake it out; Sprint 1/3 mile; 2 min jumprope; hip mobility and shoulder dislocates; 10 burpee sprint; 10 sit ups; 10 squats; 10 push-ups fast; 8×45# power clean and jerk; 8 x 45# back squat

Back Squat

Squat 3 x 125# / 3 x 145# / 9 x 160#

Clean and Jerk

C&J 3 x 110# / 3 x 125# / 6 x 140#


What’s missing in my training, besides CrossFit Asheville workouts, is an on-track diet, sleep, and rest schedule. But it’s summer and I am in a beach house. More often lately, I’ve also been ignoring my various blogs, journals, and personal records and paperwork. It’s mostly just living ad libitum. Family, children, friends, food. And surfing almost every day.

All that aside, 160 x 9 is one kind of PR: a new max reps PR for 160 lbs. It’s not a volume PR, since, during my last squat session, Cycle II Phase i Part A I did 12 x 150 = 1800, versus today’s 160 x 9 = 1,440. My 5 rep max is 160, and has been since Cycle I Phase iii Part A, when I lifted this same sequence of weights (but at 5 / 3 / Max Reps) for slightly greater overall volume but one less rep at 160. I’ll interpret this result generously and call it status quo for the past month, in a generally positive trend line.

Let me know what you think...