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Surfing 20: With Sean at Indian Beach

Tuesday morning Sean McEnroe and I headed out to Indian Beach for a nice little session. Sean had been down at the beach and surfing, since Friday, and I hadn’t been able to go with him at all (on that, see below). But Tuesday morning there was no getting around it. The weather was mild, the wind had been mellow for several days, and the swell had died down to about three feet. I went in spite of my slightly painful, ahem, condition. And I was glad I did. A glassy surface and easy paddle out ensured fun times in the water. We caught a lot of mellow waves, and had a lot of fun. It was a regular length session, of average difficulty and effort, and it left me totally spent. It took a full forty eight hours to recover from. More signs that I’m just not at 100%.

Current Health Status: 90%

It shouldn’t be as embarrassing as it is. But really, it is. I was sick for days after Joel left on Thursday, July 8th. I lifted according to a normal schedule on Friday, July 9th, but then during the days that followed I’d had unnatural soreness in the muscles of my trunk and groin and legs and hips, followed by a fever that lasted several days. By Wednesday, July 14th, it had been about a week since I had surfed. I mean, I can see the waves from my living room! This was the torture of Tantalus for me. But Wednesday the 14th, things seemed to have gotten better for me — the weather was fine, my energy was back on line, I thought — and so I went back to lifting weights, and later went surfing in the afternoon. It felt great to be back in action, but my reprieve from illness was short lived.

But by Thursday morning the 15th of July, I was feeling really down. Really down. A low grade fever had returned, and I had an unexplainable pain in my balls. I thought I’d been kicked in the nuts or something. My wife joked that she punched me during the night. Ha ha. I tried to think of some trauma during the previous day. It had been an active day. But nothing had happened involving my balls. I decided to hope that things would just return to normal with time. So, Thursday I hobbled around and tried to stay comfortable with the help of yoga, ice, and rest. To no avail.

By Friday morning I was MUCH worse. Pain. Fever. Swelling. I had one ball twice the size of the other. So, I called up my dad, and with his help, I went back to Portland, saw a doctor, had an ultrasound, etc. The diagnosis was an infection of my right testicle (epididymitis/orchitis). Beyond what I’ve already said, I am not going to describe this illness in detail. We don’t know what caused the epididymitis, but it’s probably important to state that in my case it was not caused by any sexually transmitted pathogen. Personally, I believe that all my illnesses this summer are related, from Giardia on down to the epididymitis. I.E. complications of a weakened immune system and so on. It’s also possible that my persistent open wound (on my knee… yes, the surface is still open five months after my surgery) created a pathway for something to get inside me. It’s hard to say exactly.

Illness-Related Training Problems

Whatever it was, Cipro started to make me feel better after only a couple of days.

But again, fatigue, pain, etc., it had kept me down. Nearly a week went by before I got back in the water on Tuesday, July 20th. I still haven’t gone back to weight lifting, going on ten days now. Running is a distant memory. Met-cons are nowhere in sight. I am feeling bloated, weak, and out of sorts.

I need a complete restart. A new plan. A new food journal. New objectives in CrossFit, running, and weight training. A new cycle of work and rest weeks. I need some kind of a sense of order, purpose, and direction. This summer drifting is killing me.

Let me know what you think...