Second Cycle

Feeling weak and feeble after a full week (!) of being under the weather, with aches and fever, unable to surf or work out, I started the second cycle of my summer 5/3/1 today. Phase I is 5 x 65%, 5 x 75%, 5 x 85% (of 90% of 1 RM +10 lbs for lower body and +5 lbs for upper body). Today was back squat and clean and jerk. I maxed out with 150×12 for back squat and 130×7 for clean and jerk. Then a set of 12 kipping pull-ups as a warm down. Am I weak? Or is it all in my head?


Yoga stretching indoors. Jump rope (100 revolutions and a couple of double unders). Shoulder dislocates. Various broomstick Olympic- and Power-lifting motions, multiple reps. Push-ups (10). Sit-ups (10). Overhead squats (10). Movement specific warm-ups.

Back Squat

Result: 5 x 115 / 5 x 130 / 12 x 150

Analysis: compare to June 12th, where it was 5 x 110, 5 x 125, 12 x 140. Improvement, I guess.

Clean and Jerk

Result: 5 x 100 / 5 x 115 / 7 x 130

Analysis: during the last session (link above) I did the same numbers but got 8 clean and jerks. I attribute this to my general sense of malaise. DAMN.

Kipping Pull-Ups

To prove to myself that all is not lost I did one set of max reps kipping pull-ups. Result: 12.

Health Status: 75%

I estimate my current health status at 75%. I feel weak, tired, feeble.

So why do I feel so feeble? Must be the fact that in the ensuing month I’ve had two significant illnesses! First there was Giardia and then, this past week, aches, pains, and fever. Plus I notice in the posts from the last month that undue amounts of soreness, fatigue, etc., has been my constant complaint. Something is obviously wrong with me. But what? Could it just be that I haven’t been doing my met-cons? I need some advice. Professional or amateur. I don’t care. Readers?


  1. This may be a stupid question but have you been eating properly and sticking to your diet? I find that when I vary from my basic diet, I get unusually sore and fatigued.

  2. Seth as usual your questions aren’t stupid. The same thought has occurred to me. There are a couple of ways I have been occasionally straying from my diet. But I haven’t strayed too far. It’s harder for me to tell right now because I… ahem… have taken a break from my food journal this summer. But about the only thing I’ve allowed as a “cheat” are some extra starchy carbs: corn, potatoes, tortilla chips. I’ve justified these by pointing to my periods of extended exercise. Probably there is an issue with rest, and schedule, and sleep, and other factors, that needs to get sorted out. AFTER surfing season ends for me.

  3. Well, that doesn’t sound too bad because surely, you’ve burned those extra carbs off from surfing and other activities but you never know. The Paleo diet sounds like one, based upon my reading, that when you stray from it, it attempts to kick your ass. Is surfing what you’ve been up to in lieu of journaling?

    Yes, if your rest and sleep cycles have gotten out of hand then you will unusally beat up as well. How is your alcohol intake? I’m still fighting a war with giving up smoking.

  4. I am a good boy with respect to alcohol. Just two nights per week, trying to keep it in check on those nights. And I’m mostly good with respect to sugar. Yes, Paleo rewards those who go 100%. Or seems to. I’ve never been a complete 100% paleo eater; I never get more than about 95% of the way there. PRIMAL all the way for me, with a bit of the neolithic omnivore thrown in for balance. I figure that in the end, there are diminishing returns on dietary strictures. Start with limiting or eliminating sugar, alcohol, and all refined carbs, and you get 80% of the benefits of most of the radical diet plans out there. I just finished reading “Good Calories, Bad Calories,” by Gary Taubes, by the way… highly recommended. Look for a review here soon.

  5. Sounds good. I overdid with drinking about twice in June and haven’t since then.

    Sugar is tricky. Sugar is in abundance at my house which is in vast contrast as to when I’m at school. I’m super scared of several immediate family members of mine becoming diabetic because of the mast quantities of sugary junk that is ingested in this house.

    I look forward to the review of the book you speak of.

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