Deloading Day

5/3/1, Phase IV (deload), 5×40%, 5×50%, 5×60%

I combined all my phase IV lifts into one day’s work. I did a quick warm-up and then did the various lifts in the sequence of weights, which meant that I did some shoulder press sets, then alternated press, clean and jerk, and squats, and finished up with deadlifts.


Jump Rope, 100 revolutions. Shoulder dislocates. Broomstick Overhead Squats (10); Push-Ups (10); Sit-Ups (10); Burpees (10); Kipping Pull-Ups (10, one set); “No-Feet” Surfer Get-Ups (4 — these are VERY HARD). Broomstick motion specific warm-up: 10 x shoulder press, 10 x back squat, 10 x clean and jerk, 10 x deadlift.

The Lifting

Shoulder Press 5 x 45 / 5 x 55
Clean and Jerk 5 x 60
Shoulder Press 5 x 70
Squat 5 x 70 (no rack, snatched the weight and push-pressed it off)
Clean and Jerk 5 x 75
Squat 5 x 85 (no rack, snatched the weight and push-pressed it off)
Squat 5 x 90 (this was a mistake… oops! meant to do clean and jerk; no rack, snatched and push-pressed it)
Clean and Jerk 5 x 90
Squat 5 x 100 (no rack, snatch and push-press)
Deadlift 5 x 120 / 5 x 145 / 5 x 175

I performed these lifts without deliberate rest; I took the time to change the weights, but did not dally. It was a quick and sweaty, fun workout. Then I had a beer.

Let me know what you think...