Indian Beach and Back Squats

Training Cycle: Week 5/6 (Vacation Work Week)
Diet: Ad Libitum Quantities
Whole/Clean/Paleo Zone w/ 2x-4x fat
First workout of the Week
Summer Surf Session: 1

Surfing 01

Wildlife I’ve seen here since arriving on Sunday: a bald eagle (eating something on the beach), seagulls and pelicans, a hummingbird, bunnies, and today, while surfing, a whole bunch of harbor seals. It was just me and the seals this morning at Indian Beach. I surfed for only about 90 minutes, from about 5:45 to about 7:15.

5:30 am at Indian Beach, June 7th 2010

So… first day back in the water since October. I was grateful to be there. I battled my way out through the break (instead of sneaking around on the north side… stupid!), and, after getting outside it, paddled around for a while. My arms and shoulders complained mightily on that first paddle out! I spent time stalking the foam crescents, finding the breaking spots, trying to figure out which would offer the best ride. Some waves were large, shoulder height, but were underpowered, unstable, more choppy than I’d like. It felt awesome just floating, thinking, watching and, occasionally, doing some short “sprinting” with my upper body. I rode only very few waves. The outer break offered short rides. But I could feel my muscles waking up, the muscle memories returning. At 7:00 or so about three other surfers turned up (including one I recognized as Mark from Cannon Beach Surf); my time was almost done anyway, and I was moving out of the water. Before I had packed up and moved along, one of those three was back up in the parking lot. “I could have blown off work today,” he told me, “but those waves were nothing special; at least I can say I went surfing.” I feel the same way.

My driveway gym at Arch Cape

Strength: Back Squats Driveway Style

Did a minimal warm up (need to get better at that… throw in some running and a more clear set of calisthenics or something).

My new weight set is Chinese and cast iron. I am using it in the grass at the end of the driveway at the beach house. No dropping allowed! And currently, no racks. Everything has to be cleaned or snatched up. The back squats were low back (as low as I could get it without racks). The push jerks that finished each set were from the back, obviously.

Sets: 1 x 95 x power snatch, back squat, push-jerk;
1 x 115 x p.s., back squat, p.j.;
5 x 135 x 1 clean and jerk, 5 back squats, 1 push jerk

Volume: 2 power snatches (vol. 210); 7 behind the neck push jerks (885), 5 power clean and jerks (675), 27 back squats (3,585).

Later, the day became beautiful, and I played around with Lena on the beach, flying a kite. Also, I grabbed a 40 lb pry bar to work on the path. I moved a lot of really heavy rock, working for a while. I think I tweaked my knee, too (my left knee, the one with patellar tendonitis). It’s feeling not so great these days.

It was a beautiful day

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