The Cred and Various Squats

A second workout this week (not including the three days of fishing), this time at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland, OR. I did 5 x 5 of dumbbell one arm power snatches, followed by some quick and dirty work with a 40 kg bar, on back squats, front squats, and overhead squats.

Training Cycle: Week 4/6 (Vacation Work Week)
Diet: Calorie Cycling (4 days low, 1 day high),
Second workout of the Week

Getting in a second workout is as much as I could ask for during a week that not only included a three day fishing trip, but also a bunch of hanging out in my home town in a small condo with two sick kids along with my with wife and parents.


Jump rope technique practice, 5 minutes. Push-ups (25); GHD sit ups (10); pull-ups (kipping, 2 sets, 10 reps total); squats (45 degree foot box, 10 reps).

Strength/Skill: Dumbbell One Arm Power Snatches (aka “The Cred”)

In reference to this exercise, I owe the term “the cred” to the blog of Keith Norris (the excellent “Theory to Practice”); see especially his post “Comments on the Cred”. His blog is great, and this lift has lately become my hands in the air favorite movement. Norris’ comments on it are sufficiently illuminating as to reveal why that might be the case.

Results: 5 x each arm x 35; 5 x e.a. x 45; 5 x e. a. x 55; 5 x e.a. x 60; 5 x e.a. x 65

Volume: 2,600 lbs (1,300 each arm).

Lifting: Squatting with a 40 kg Barbell

I went to the oly lifting platform in the MAC weight-room, and they have Ivanko kg bumper plates, but unbelievably, the damn place has a policy that weights are not to be dropped from above knee height. And they don’t have squat racks. So I had to follow my sense of prudence and keep the weight light, since I was planning to throw around a bar a bit. I set up a 20kg bar with two 10kg plates (that’s 40 kg, which is 88 lbs) and proceeded to do some quick sets of the following:

1 snatch, 5 x back squat, 1 push jerk
2 x 1 snatch, 10 x b.s., 1 p.j.
2 x 1 power clean, 10 front squat
1 snatch, 5 overhead squat
1 snatch, 7 overhead squat
1 snatch, 10 overhead squat
1 power clean, 7 shoulder press


6 snatches (585 lbs), 3 power cleans (264 lbs), 3 push jerks (behind the head) (264 lbs), 25 back squats (2,200 lbs), 20 front squats (1,760 lbs), 22 overhead squats (1,936 lbs), 7 shoulder presses (616 lbs).

I took short (that is not to say, brief) rests between these sets, but did not work “for time.” Because I was using a relatively light weight, I worked as fast as I could during the actual sets, and I did more reps than I would during a “normal” lifting session.

Between the Creds and these squats and auxillary lifts, I know I’ll feel it on Sunday. Wow.

Let me know what you think...