Southeast Warrior Dash 2010 CFA Stylee

CrossFit Asheville made a great showing at the Southeast Warrior Dash 2010, in Mountain City, GA. In terms of overall results, I placed 15th in my age group (among the Saturday racers), and 247th overall… out of 5455 contestants (that’s top 5%)!

The crew from Asheville
Rustan Adcock, Kim Schwartz,
Britt Cannon, Matt Baldwin and Brian Cohen

The crew from Paducah:
Eric Lester, Kimberly Collins,
Aaron and Amber Woods

My first beer in 5 months!

Smoked Turkey Legs Baby! T-Bone, Me and Rustan

Drunken Handstand Practice!

The Warrior Dash was an incredibly huge event, with two days of heats. It was an impressive business venture too… what a money maker! About 10,000 runners paying money to race, and then staying around to drink beer, eat turkey legs, and buy gear? Outrageous.

The weather was perfect. With all the mud, sun, booze, and barefoot horseplay in the grass, at least one commentator astutely observed (while viewing the photos on Facebook, of course) that this was basically a CrossFit Woodstock.

The event was packed with friends old and new. Those of us from CrossFit Asheville who made it to the race were joined by other friends from Asheville (such as my pal Jody Kuhne) and also by a contingent from CrossFit Paducah. Tamara and Brian Cohen graciously played host to Rustan and myself and the Paducah crew. Poor Tamara wasn’t allowed to participate in the ridiculous fun… regionals! Who can risk tripping over a rusty car in the backwoods of Georgia when CrossFit regionals is coming up in just a few days?!

The race itself was shorter than advertised. I finished it in under 21 minutes, and that included some walking (in single file lines up muddy hills) and about 10 more or less ridiculous obstacles (mud pits, fires, cargo-nets, rusted vehicles, pipes, water crossings, fields of tires, etc). It was quick fun… and it quickly became obvious that the day would be more about drinking the Pyramid Ales that were on offer in the central party zone. And wearing stupid hats!

So, we boozed it up, and as the day wore on the fun became blearier and crazier. For instance: by the end of the night, Eric was using me to demonstrate his considerable back squat abilities.


Athlete Overall Place Place in Age Group Time
Rustan Adcock


11 in 35-39

Jody Kuhne


14 in 40-44

Matt Baldwin


15 in 40-44

Brian Cohen


111 in 35-39

Kim Schwartz


3 in 45-49

Brit Cannon


25 in 30-34

Aaron Woods


480 in 25-29

Eric Lester


482 in 25-29

Kim Collins


244 in 20-24

Amber Woods


245 in 20-24


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