Kettlebells, Push Jerks and Box Jumps

Wednesday AM was a fun time at CrossFit Asheville. For strength we did some Kettlebell Swings (and for me, One Arm Kettlebell Snatches too) and for a met-con we did 3 rounds for time of push-jerks and high box jumps. Now, no more WODs until Saturday’s Warrior Dash in Georgia. That day also marks the end of my five month alcohol fast.

New Program

Training Cycle: Week 2/6 (Work Week)
No Alcohol Month 5/5
Diet: Calorie Cycling (2 days low, 1 day high), Whole/Clean/Paleo Zone w/ 2x-4x fat
Second workout of the Week


Crawling around. Stretching. Calisthenics.

Stregnth: KB Swings and Snatches

Result: swing: 15 x 35 lbs; One arm KB snatches: 5 x 35 lbs x each arm; swing: 15 x 45; snatch: 5 x 45 x each arm; 15 x 53; snatch: 5 x 53 x each arm; swing: 15 x 72; snatch: 1 x 72 x right arm; fail x 72 x left arm (finished with right hand assist).

WOD: Push Jerks and High Box Jumps

3 Rounds of:
7 Push Jerk (80-85% 5RM not to exceed 155/105lbs)
7 HIGH box jumps (35″/28″)
For time.

Although the web-published version of this was to uses 80-85% of 5 RM, in the gym I was told to use 75% of my 1 rep Clean and Jerk max (165). That would have been 125 lbs; due to a lack of sleep and general problems with my damn knee, I went lighter, 115 lbs. It turns out that 115 is indeed just over 85% of my current 5 rep push-jerk PR (see here) although it is high time I boost that number up.

Result: 4:11 w/ 115 lbs and 30″ box.

The damn box jumps DEFINITELY hurt my left knee patellar tendon. Frack. I hate injuries and chronic debilitation. Prescription: diet, bodywork, rolling, stretching, ACTIVITY!


  1. I do not know what I was performing prior to kettlebells, most likely squandering loads of time and not acquiring as in shape as I may possibly have been.

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