1. It sounds like you’re having similar double under problems that I was experiencing up until a few days ago.

    The double under breakthrough for me happened when my buddy Bill told me to do single unders as slow as possible. That’s your foot cadence for double unders. You need at least one solid, unaltered variable like that or else you won’t be able to find the rhythm.

    Next he told me to hear the imaginary sound of the rope as I hopped that cadence without spinning my wrist. shwoo-SHWOO, shwoo-SHWOO, etc. Do your best to mimic that sound.

    Lastly, for the rope, mine was pretty sloppy and limp much of the time. The remedy was to have _one_ initial _throw_ of the rope at the ground in front of me. The rest was just quick, casual wrist spin. The only power used was at the beginning of the movement. Yes, the rope kind of goes limp towards the end of the movement, but then it’s time for another double under.

    • Phil, this sounds like awesome advice. I already have the concept of imagining the sound… that has helped me get the double under itself… and the initial hard throw is similar, I think, to how I get my first DU in a set. But the idea of doing really slow single unders is new to me. I will try that, and re-read this comment of yours a couple times.

      For me, the next 5 months are all about DUs, HSPUs, consecutive PUs, and other feats of anti-globo gym fitness hoo-ha. Oh, and surfing.

  2. I’m rereading this post a few months later and I notice that I quickly forgot Yoke’s advice. Having just gotten dogged by double unders at the Carolina Fitness Challenge, it looks like it’s time for me to figure them out.

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