A great first WOD back in the new training cycle: snatch balance, and “singled out” (3 rounds, kettlebell swings and one arm dumbbell push presses).

Up Up

On about three hours of sleep, and no breakfast, with only coffee to fuel me, I showed up at the 5:00 am workout this morning to do my recovery and rehabilitation thing. Instead of Push-Press and a dynamic WOD of double-unders, deadlifts, and front squats, I did my measly calisthenics (push-ups 20; cross-chops 10xside w/ 35; pull-ups, blue band, 1 set of 15; kipping swings, big, 1 set of 12?; GHD sit-ups, 12; GHD hip-extensions, 100. Then I did a little WOD of my own device, 15 min As Many Rounds as Possible: 1 set of max reps muscle ups (red band assist) followed by 1 set of 10 sit-ups. I completed 12 rounds, with 28 muscle ups total and 120 sit ups.

I’d write more but I got stuff to do this morning.

Training Cycle: Suspended (6/6)
Surgery Recovery Week 7/10
Wound Healing Week 4/5?
No Alcohol Month 3/5
Diet: Flexible-Paleo-Zone

Active Rest and Recovery

Knee Update

The good news is that my knee wound is almost healed. I estimate about 10-12 days to completion of the healing, in other words, by one week from this coming Monday I’ll be good to go. I’ve been learning to love the wound: if only because it demonstrates the incredible resilience and healing power of the body.

Morning, Day 23 (Wed)
Morning, Day 23 (Wed). The wound is much smaller, and takes only 1/4″ of packing strips now.

The Physiology of Fasting

A look at Peter R. Kerndt, MD, James L. Naughton, MD, Charles E. Driscoll, MD, and David A. Loxterkamp, MD “Fasting: The History, Pathophysiology and Complications,” Western Journal of Medicine 137:5 (1982) 379–399. PMCID: PMC1274154.