1. Hey Matt,
    Sorry to hear about your incission. You may already know all this but the nurse in me can’t help but to share my wound healing knowledge. Protien is very important for wound healing. So make sure you are getting enough protien. Avoid smoking and elevated blood sugars (I think I can safely assume that is not an issue for you). Also avoid any pressure over the wound. This is newly knit skin, baby skin and will remain fragile for a long time (weeks to months). Even once the dermis is closed there is still healing going on beneath the skin. The body is smart in that it closes the dermis first to stop the portal of entry for infection. Report signs of infection to your MD immediately such as redness, warmth, fever, increase in pain, or purulent drainage. Adequate hydration and proper sleep also speed wound healing. I imagine with a new baby a good night’s sleep might be difficult. Again, I appologize if you already know all this. I wish you a speedy recovery and the patience to allow your body to heal so that you can go on to bigger and better Crossfit workouts. J$

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