Get Up Row Up

Established a 3RM of 45 for TGUs and put in a 2200 meter row with 30 TGUs at 35 lbs (15 per arm). Not a bad Saturday AM 4th WOD of the week.

Thrusters and Jump Ball

I had a good start to the workout week this morning with a new 1 RM PR in Thrusters (140 lbs) and a decent time in a little kettlebell / box step-up ladder called “Box Jump.” I went lighter than last time, but a lot faster: 6:19. It’s good to be alive.

Progress in Muscle-Ups and Tempest

Muscle-Ups and the CFA WOD “Tempest” today (Ring Dips, One Arm K.B. Thrusters, Ball Slams, 15 min AMRAP. Progress on all fronts: down to red band assist on muscle-ups, and a 31% increase on my Tempest score from October.