1. Matt, Re: your quote “Did some sets of single support deadlift at 75 lbs. This is still strictly skill work for me.”

    EVERY day is skill work. Strength is defined by CrossFit as the practical application of force. By that, technique is necessary for the development of strength. We focus on technique because that is the most efficient way for our bodies to move larger and larger loads. To ignore technique is to place a glass ceiling on our capabilities.

    You didn’t scream, yell, and turn blue in the face; this does NOT mean you did not gain strength. You taxed your muscles in the correct motor sequence under a load to the point of relative failure. THIS is building strength.

    When I get someone with acute back pain to learn to move their pelvis and not lumbar spine by simply bending forward 45 degrees with no weight (you’d be amazed how difficult this is for some), I am making them stronger. Without that step, they would not be on their way to 400 lbs. Even though you’re sans back pain does not mean improving technique is not developing strength.

Let me know what you think...