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Training Board is basically my gym notebook.

In theory, I can also blog in a more public spirited way about weightlifting, nutrition, weight loss, etc. But mostly, I just use this blog to track my workouts. And surfing.

If anything I have posted seems useful to you, let me know with a comment.

About Me

I'm a level I "sports performance certified" USAW coach, and I train, and work as a trainer at Asheville Strength and Conditioning, a great little gym here in Asheville, N.C.

I work with clients who want to get strong and fit, and am especially happy with helping older or detrained individuals.

My own training now is more focused on developing strength and using basic lifts and classic strength and conditioning techniques. A lot of the older portions of this blog deal with CrossFit and reflect my journey into fitness self-awareness. I first discovered CrossFit, back in late 2008. I learned a lot from CrossFit's "fitness as sport" model of training -- and benefited tremendously from training with my friends at CrossFit Asheville -- and furthermore I must credit my interest in CrossFit for opening my eyes to the larger world of training for strength athletics, Olympic-style weightlifting, powerlifting, and other arcane approaches to moving the Iron around.

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CrossFit Asheville WODS \• December 30, 2009

Begin the Begin

Some weighted pull-ups (I did 5×5 w/ + 5 – 12.5 lbs) followed by a speedy Met-Con involving three rounds of deadlifts, push-ups and box jumps… though I did step ups because of my legs. Time: 4:59.

Strength Day \• December 29, 2009

Deadlift, Muscle Ups, Clean and Jerk

New 3 rep max PR on Deadlift, 290 lbs; plus 40 (band assisted) muscle ups and 5x5x95 clean and jerks.

CrossFit Asheville WODS \• December 28, 2009

Back Squat and Gone in Sixty Seconds

Back Squat, 5×5 rep work sets, at 78% of 1RM (145 lbs). Gone in Sixty Seconds, 227 reps.

CrossFit Asheville WODS \• December 24, 2009

364 Reasons to Love CrossFit

An exceptionally challenging (but fun) endurance WOD with 12 different exercises and a total of 364 reps.

Strength Day \• December 22, 2009

Squat, Press and Pull

Strength Tuesday: Back Squats 5×3 Max Effort (160 x 3, failed trying for 170 x 3); and Shoulder Presses (5 x 5 x 100);

Reflections \• December 21, 2009

Divine Intervention

The birth of my second child, James Zebediah, is a divine intervention into my scheduled, and managed life. The way we deal with the rhythms and routines of life is to embrace change and disorder without while not bringing it within.

CrossFit Asheville WODS \• December 18, 2009

Let it Snow (Where’s Baby?)

Hang Power Cleans 5 rep M.E. 5 x 65 / 5 x 85 / 5 x 105 / 5 x 115 / 2 x 126, fail on 3 / 5 x 126. “Snow Day” 12 minute AMRAP: 6 rounds and 4 reps.

Strength Day \• December 15, 2009

Open to Strength

New PRs in 5 RM Back Squat (150 lbs) and 3 RM Shoulder Press (120 lbs). Plus 30 muscle ups.

CrossFit Asheville WODS \• December 14, 2009

Split Jerk and Rowing Helen

Split Jerk 5 Rep Max 125 lbs; Helen with Rowing 400m instead of the 400m run, and 20kg kettlebell: 12:45. Plus my first ever set of 10 kipping pull-ups!

Reflections \• December 13, 2009

Making Grades

“I paid for a hamburger, not a shitburger. Why have you given me a shitburger?”

hi mom!