Nancy Boy

My first workout into a new training & eating cycle. We work on single support hang power cleans, which are comically difficult, and do the CrossFit benchmark WOD “Nancy;” my result: 15:18 w/ 65 lbs.

Daytona 1315

Brief entry about my road trip to Daytona Beach and Tampa, ostensibly on business, but really motivated by surf-lust. Not worth it.


I barely squeeze out a new five rep PR in Back Squat, and miss a new three rep PR by a mile, then a fast jumprope / burpee 10 minutes AMRAP. Finally a 1.3 mile warm-down barefoot run at the YMCA.

After Fasting

I complete my first ever full day fast. In this post I debrief on the experience and consider its effects on my body, mind, and spirit.

Thrusters and Siete

A new 5 rep PR in Thrusters and a decent time in the Met-Con WOD “Siete,” consisting of thrusters and ring dips, make for a great workout this morning. I was feeling well rested from two days in a row of rest, and I worked hard. Today is also the beginning of a 28 hour fast.

Rest Week Reflections

As I enter the last week of my second cycle through the “new plan” (aka the “Never on a School Night” plan), I pause to reflect on, to analyze, and to assess the measurements I have made in the process of my training.

Zeno’s Revenge

We meet up outside at UNCA to do “Run for your Legs,” a WOD which, at first glance, looked like it had the potential to be a CrossFit version of Zeno’s paradox. Start a clock, run 1 mile for time, only you have to stop every 2 minutes to do 20 squats. Later during the day, I overindulged quite deliberately in a cheat day that reminded me why I try to eat healthy most of the time.

A Higher Power

strength work on Turkish Get Ups and metabolic conditioning with the workout “Overhead Power,” a brutal workout last performed on September 26th, 2009, involving six different weighlifting moves (Hang Power Snatch, Overhead Squats, Hang Power Cleans, Push Presses, Hang Squat Cleans, and Push Jerks), in a patterned and progressive cycle that totals ninety reps.